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Legal Mediation

Legal Mediation

In an ideal world, life would be smooth sailing and free of discord. But in the real world of business or private life, sometimes there are disagreements that escalate beyond the scope of your management.   This is where Shelbourne Law can step in, keeping everyone “at the table”, helping to effectively restore balance and a healthy environment between disagreeing parties.   Some refer to this process as ‘enabling lambs to lie down with lions’.

In mediation, our attorneys act as neutral go-betweens for disputing parties and move discussions forward to resolve conflict, always keeping in mind that the aim is to avoid litigation and the discomfort of a courtroom.

Our mediation efforts will help you find the middle ground that can allow all parties to come to a workable resolution. There is nothing like ending a dispute with the positive sense of a win-win outcome.

Mediation areas include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Probate estate disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Workmans’ Compensation
  • Work place disputes
  • Business contracts

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